Food for Thought Friday

Something Soup at Textism :: It’s soup season. Here’s one way to do it.

Being :: In the Kitchen with My Girl by Stephanie at Rhythm of the Home :: “Over the years our kitchen has seen its share of spilled flour and fading patience. We’ve coaxed picky eaters and had dinners so wild they seemed more like a circus routine than anything else. Some of it has been handled with grace, some not. But somehow it’s all coming together for this girl.”

The beginning of weaning: guilt, pleasure, and information overload at Mamas in the Making :: Trust yourself, trust your baby, give it time. “We should not forget – food is about relationship as well. The relationship with our own body. While eating we try to constantly listen to myself. Am I enjoying this taste? Is it too cold or too hot? Am I still hungry? We as adults have almost forgotten to eat like that. Our children haven‘t. This is a huge gift we can give them – the ability to listen to their bodies when eating.”

Want kids to eat better? Stop calling them “picky eaters.” at Spoonfed :: “Language is important. Labels are dangerous. And when we label our kids, we diminish our expectations of them and make obstacles seem insurmountable.”

I Want to Marry Marinating at Dinner: A Love Story :: Two things I was rarely doing before reading it this book? Browning meat, and marinating. This post has five marinade suggestions and recipes to go with them. “There. Doesn’t it sorta seem like there’s a little sous chef at home thinking about dinner so you don’t have to? How good does that feel?”

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater at Northwest Edible Life :: “I know you. We have a lot in common. You have been doing some reading and now you are pretty sure everything in the grocery store and your kitchen cupboards is going to kill you.” Snort.

Food for Thought Friday is a (more or less) weekly list of links – tasty morsels, if you will, for belly and brain.

Food for Thought Friday: on knives, fall cocktails, French kids, and pooping


Preschoolers with Knives: How young can a child be and still learn how to cook? at Slate :: “The great, tubercular Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky proposed the concept of ‘a zone of proximal development,’ for the work a child is not quite able to do on his own. With the guidance of someone more skilled, though, he soon can. With the exception of the oven, and a lot of the stove, much of cooking amounts to a zone of proximal development, even for a preschooler.” Great thoughts on taking kids seriously in the kitchen.

French Kids Don’t Get Fat: Why? at Karen le Billon :: Lots to think about here.

The Postpartum Diet at Simple Bites :: Encouraging and delicious guidance from Aimee on meeting three postpartum needs: physical energy and healing, milk production and quality, and bowel regularity. Several great recipes for new moms – or friends visiting new moms – to try.

In the Kitchen: Knife Skills for Kids at Creative Family Fun :: Our little guy is already pretty capable with a knife. “Only touch the handle, not the blade, Mama.” Just this week he cut all the mushrooms for our pizza. Don’t miss the guacamole recipe in this post!

A Single Mom Takes Off the Superwoman Cape at Simple Mom :: “I am going to cease the super human expectations, take a breath and focus on one thing I can do. Sometimes that one thing involves playing with legos or dump trucks with a beautiful little boy. But sometimes that means putting on a movie for him, so I can spend some time journaling and clearing my head.”

Happy Hour at Home: Apple Smash at Pink of Perfection :: Seasonal! Not kid-friendly!

Food for Thought Friday is a (more or less) weekly list of links – tasty morsels, if you will, for belly and brain.

Food for Thought Friday (is back!)

4 Quick Questions About Toddler Development with Dr. Alan Greene at Healthy Child Healthy World :: “I’ve heard it said that the ancient Greeks defined children as short humans who don’t like vegetables.” Ha! Just the levity I needed. Some great tips here about toddler development in general, and five motivators to encourage them to eat healthy food.

Beyond Cooking: 10 Experiences in the Kitchen for Children at 52 Brand New :: Lots of great ideas for building skills, confidence, and family connections in the kitchen. I think my favorite is the suggestion to extend books – to cook things from, or inspired by, the books you’re reading. But teaching kitchen techniques – that’s a good one too! Which leads me to…

How to crack an egg: what’s the worst that could happen? at NurtureStore :: Does your little one know how to crack an egg?

Dinner Happens. at Simple Mom :: Thoughts on dinner as the seasons change, with particularly lovely ideas for sharing your meals with friends and strangers.

Slow Cooker Naked Apple Butter at Oh She Glows :: Easy! Healthy! Seasonal! I can’t wait to try this.

Food for Thought Friday is a (more or less) weekly list of links – tasty morsels, if you will, for belly and brain.